Business insight n. 1. the information needed to make sound decisions 2. knowing when Google isn't enough, and you need an information professional
Business research involves gathering the intelligence you need to make decisions on anything from R&D efforts and potential new markets to competition, technology trends, and more. Relevent business research and data evaluation helps organizations make better strategic decisions.

Mary Ellen also provides specialized research for trial consultants and litigation professionals, supporting the juror selection process with social media and public records research. (See her 15-minute MEB's 123 webinar on using social media to find information on people.)

Call Mary Ellen directly to discuss how Bates Information Services can help you uncover the most critical markets, trends, competition, and technologies affecting your business.

Recent examples of our research work include:
  • Research on market viability of new insulation paneling
  • Examples of particularly effective customer
    retention programs
  • Identification of key trends and players in the HVAC (heating / ventilating / air conditioning) industry
  • Analysis of telecom monopolies in Central and South America

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