Friends Don't Let Friends

Every new info-entrepreneur tries direct marketing of some kind—hoping to beat the typical odds that only a small percent of the people you mass mail or cold-call will respond. “But it’s free” is the usual argument for cold-calling. This free eTool explains why cold-calling is not an effective or strategic approach to marketing information services.


2015 Info-Entrepreneur
Market Report

Want to know more about info-entrepreneurship? Mary Ellen surveyed fellow independent info pros and reports her findings. You'll learn what you can expect as an info-entrepreneur when you first start up and after five years, and benchmark your business.


Getting Your First
Five Clients

Most of your new clients are referrals from existing clients. But how do you get those initial clients who will be your source for word-of-mouth marketing? You can't expect instantaneous results; marketing high-value services does take time. This Help NOW! eTool gives you tangible advice on how to get those first five clients and start building your client base.


What's My Hourly Rate?
How to Set Your Professional Fee to Ensure You Make a Profit

The title says it all. If you'd like Help NOW! in understanding how to set an hourly rate for your research business, this is the tool. The download includes an ebook, a calculation "cheat sheet," and an excel spreadsheet. Mary Ellen steps you through the things you need to consider so that you can set a professional fee that is, both, competitive and profitable.


A Marketing Plan
That Works!

This Help NOW! eTool helps you identify who you are talking to and what you are saying! Mary Ellen provides step-by-step guidance on a fast, effective, real-world marketing approach. She helps you answer: What's your goal? Who Are Your Clients? What does a Marketing Plan Look Like? What doesn't work?


Profitably Pricing
a Large Research Project

This Help NOW! eTool not only shows you how to scope out and profitably price a large research project, it also provides the "cheat sheet" and Excel spreadsheet you need to do it. NOW! After all, your client is waiting for pricing...and (yikes!) you need to ensure you price it profitably. The ebook quickly and easily steps you through the process.

The Reluctant Entrepreneur:
Making a Living Doing What You Love

You have a professional skill—you're a consultant, therapist, app developer, technical writer, event planner, or even cat wrangler. You love what you do. You don't want to work for someone else. And the thought of running a business makes your blood run cold. Yep, you're a reluctant entrepreneur!



Building and Running
a Successful Research Business

Completely updated and featuring a wealth of new information! This is the highly-anticipated second edition of the handbook that every aspiring independent information professional needs. Author Mary Ellen Bates reveals... Click here for more info...



Researching Online
for Dummies

The handbook every aspiring
independent information professional needs to launch, manage, and build a successful research business. This book walks you through every step of
building your business, from start to finish.



Super Searchers
Cover the World

In this book, expert researchers around the world share the secrets of successful international business research. Interviewed by Mary Ellen Bates, researchers reveal the tips, techniques, sites, and strategies they use every day.



Mining for Gold
on the Internet

Mining for Gold on the Internet takes you to the best of today's investment and financial websites quickly, easily, and profitably! From getting online and placing a trade to advanced investment resources and topics, this investor's resource will save you time and money every time you log on.



Super Searchers
Do Business

Super Searchers Do Business probes the minds of 11 leading researchers who use online services for critical business information. Through her in-depth interviews, Mary Ellen Bates—a business super searcher herself—reveals how the pros evaluate and choose online sources, and tackle the most challenging projects.



The Online

As the only desk reference to cover all the major online services, this book helps you identify important online information sources and put them to immediate use. Loaded with shortcuts, trouble-shooting guides, and tips, this guide contains the nuts and bolts needed to get you up and running online.



Info-Entrepreneur Starter Package

Jump start your information business with the most complete coaching starter package available. Not only do you get two books written by a leader in this field, but you also get two hours with Mary Ellen, focusing on the specific areas most important to you. The Info-Entrepreneur Starter Package includes:

  • a copy of Building & Running a Successful Research Business ($34.95 value)
  • a copy of The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Making a Living Doing What You Love ($16.99 value)
  • two hours of one-on-one coaching with Mary Ellen ($300 value)

$350 total value of the Info-Entrepreneur Starter Package.
Price: $250 — a $100 savings


Wanna Dive Deeper? The Professional Coaching Package

If you are ready to dive in deeper and want more one-on-one coaching time with Mary Ellen, then the Professional Coaching Package is for you. This package includes:

  • Four hours of one-on-one business coaching with Mary Ellen ($600 value)
  • a copy of The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Making a Living Doing What You Love ($16.99 value)

$800+ total value of the Professional Coaching Package.
Price: $600 — a $200+ savings


The Turbo-Coaching Package

Are you ready to finally launch your business—or move your business up to a new level? Do you want the support and accountability of a year-long relationship with a supportive coach ready to challenge you to do your best? If so, here's your chance to work one-on-one with Mary Ellen Bates, who will spark your imagination and help you supercharge your business. The Turbo-Coaching Package includes:

  • One year of personalized, one-on-one business coaching with Mary Ellen (monthly 60- to 90-minute sessions and ongoing email support) $2,700 value
  • a copy of The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Making a Living Doing What You Love ($16.99 value)

$2900+ total value of the Turbo-Coaching Package.
Price: $1900 — a $1000+ savings


Ad hoc Coaching

Mary Ellen also offers coaching on an hourly basis—she is known for helping people completely change their perspective and shift their thinking in as little as one hour. Contact her to set up your first appointment. (Hourly rate of $150)
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