Completely updated and featuring a wealth of new information! This is the highly-anticipated second edition of the handbook that every aspiring independent information professional needs. Author Mary Ellen Bates—a popular author, speaker, and a long-time successful independent info pro—reveals all the tips, tricks, and techniques for setting up, launching, running, and growing your own information business.

Organized into four sections, "Getting Started," "Running the Business," "Marketing," and "Researching,"—Bates covers everything—from "Is this right for you?" to closing the sale, to managing clients, to promoting your business on the web, and tapping into powerful information sources beyond the web.

And this new edition includes new chapters on how to position yourself, marketing via social media, creating an effective web presence, strategic planning for your next five years, and writing a marketing plan that works.

Building & Running a Successful Research Business delivers on its title...walking you through every step of creating a successful research business, from start to finish.
Building & Running a
Successful Research Business
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