One of the things we lose in printed books—as well as in their techo-cousins, Kindle and iPad—is all the foundational information that triggered what's actually included in the book's pages AND all the new ideas that were triggered by the creative act of writing the book, but which are yet to be explored. The inspiration for Marginalia literally came from my own marginalia as I wrote the latest edition of "Building and Running a Successful Research Business." I realized how much really valuable information and insight can't fit into the pages of a single, printed book. In addition, we live in a fast age; inevitably, as soon as I send a book off to the publisher, new information arises. I had all manner of extremely good information: blog comments, big thoughts of others that triggered new ideas and approaches, debate and dialogue within the research community itself, behind-the-scenes insights, things that even now, I would like to have as part of the book. Marginalia was inspired by all this virtual marginalia. It is a marriage of social web and print.

As a grad student, one of the things that I found most valuable was going after class to have a beer with the professor, just to keep the conversation going and to delve deeper into things that weren't in the course outline...yet were important, motivating, and critical to a deeper understanding. So, that's it for me: I think of Marginalia as the virtual equivalent of going out with the professor and other graduate students after class for a beer.

I hope you join me, and a learning community of other researchers and info entrepreneurs, in this virtual private campus I've named Marginalia.

Mary Ellen Bates

What You Get:

  • One Year Admission to the Private Marginalia Learning Community

  • $50 Bates Bucks Shopping Spree good for any book or any "Help Now" downloadable e-Tool in the Bates Info Store

  • Monthly "Help Now" conference calls with Mary Ellen

  • A professional Marginalia series of audio visual presentations and podcasts

  • "Hey Coach" Q&A area where Mary Ellen answers questions from the Marginalia community

  • Marginalia marketing tools such as "Five Quick Uses of Surveys," with the ability to perform professional surveys--respondents can be directed to your website.

  • On-going updates—the Marginalia living library


$195 a year


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